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Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture

Large format plans for reproducing the furniture designs of Charles & Henry Greene

Each set of plans consists of two 24" x 36" sheets of large scale detailed drawings, based on the drawings in the book "Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture". These plans show a much greater level of detail than the drawings in the book. Each set of drawings is individually printed on a large format  color inkjet plotter.  Dimensions are shown in a lighter lineweight and different color than the rest of the drawing, making the drawing much easier to read.  Hatch patterns (filled in areas in parts of the drawing) are in a third color, again making the drawing simple to understand. These are the first published drawings for building authentic reproductions of these pieces.  Hundreds of woodworkers, professional and amateur who have successfully used these plans.

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PLEASE NOTE: These plans do not contain material lists or step-by-step instructions.  Greene & Greene furniture is demanding to reproduce, and the detailed information these drawings provide does not relieve the builder from planning the flow of work or the amount of material needed. If you are not happy with your plans for any reason, we will promptly refund your payment.

Blacker House Entry Hall Bench

58-5/16" w x 22-3/8"d x 37-5/16"h

GNG-BLH  $14.95

Bolton House Hall Chair

17-7/8"w x 18-1/4"d x 48-5/8"h

GNG-BHC  $14.95

Freeman Ford House Serving Table

88"w x 24-1/4"d x 30"h

GNG-FRD  $14.95


Gamble House Entry Hall Table

78"w x 21"d x 34-1/2"h

GNG-GET  $14.95

Robinson House Dining Room Extension Table

66"w x 60"d x 30"h

GNG-RDT  $14.95

Thorsen House Serving Table

54"w x 21"d x 35-3/4"h

GNG-THS  $14.95

Tichenor House Chest of Drawers

52"w x 22-1/4"d x 42-1/2"h

GNG-TCH  $14.95

Townsend Occasional Tables

46-1/2"w x 19-1/8"d x 29"h &

32"w x 19-1/8"d x 29"h

GNG-TNS  $14.95


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